HIS AURA Contributors

Shaun J. Phree

Shaun J. Phree uses his writing to express everything from the soft to the grimy and he is not afraid to expose his truth by pouring the most intimate parts of him on the page. Shaun J. Phree says his purpose for writing is not to free himself but to free others. 

Gabriel Vidrine

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Madeline Elayne

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Kiki Delovely

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H. Pueyo

H. Pueyo is an Argentine-Brazilian writer and storyboarder, whose work has appeared in Bourbon Pen, Luna Station Quarterly and several comic anthologies.

J.S. Kuiken

J.S. Kuiken is an American writer who earned his MA in Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia. In 2013, he was a Lambda Literary Fellow. He has published in The Copperfield Review, Cactus Heart, and  U.S. Represented. He currently teaches college level writing.